What is Sandplay? Sandplay is an expressive display of different aspects of life. It is a dramatic form of play that is created with miniature images in the sand. Life stories are formed and explored.

Traditionally, sandplay has been used by play therapists in working with children. However, sandplay is also a powerful tool in working with many adults. It allows one to play, imagine and discover the self in non-threatening ways. It often moves unconscious thoughts and actions into the consciousness. It connects feelings and perceptions that can help individuals to be more self-aware and purposeful.

Sandplay therapy with children is a form of expressive therapy that allows children to work through fears, anxieties and past trauma in a non-threatening manner. Through sandplay, healing miraculously takes place and frees children from intense emotions that may interfere with their daily lives.

When used with adults, it also provides a non-threatening way to work through issues and past trauma, just as it does for children. However, with adults, it brings issues to the forefront that have been, or are difficult to deal with. Sandplay increases self-awareness and gives adults the opportunity and the ability to work through areas in their lives where they may be stuck.

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